When we say *T&C Apply

Terms and Conditions

1. Your Pet(s) Health and safety

1.1 Perfect Paws will always try and keep booking visits at the same time each day, however due to traffic or other situations this may not be possible.

1.2 Perfect Paws operates with a 30-minute grace period, the sitter may be 30 minutes late or 30 minutes early for a booked visit.

1.3 It is strongly advised that all pets are vaccinated, de-wormed and have been protected against fleas. Perfect Paws takes no responsibility for any illness that may arise as from a failure to protect your pet(s).

1.4 Should your pet(s) become unwell during while under the care of Perfect Paws, the client will be informed as soon as possible.

1.5 In the event that your pet needs to be taken to a veterinary surgeon, we will first try to take the pets to the listed veterinary practice stated on the portal. Should this not be possible Perfect Paws will take your pet to the nearest veterinary practice for treatment.

1.6 The client will be responsible for any treatment charges incurred as a result, if Perfect Paws are required to settle the Veterinary invoice, the client will be required to reimburse Perfect Paws including fees stated in section 4.

1.7 Should the veterinary surgeon decide that your pet needs to be euthanised, Perfect Paws will not be liable for the loss of your pet(s).

1.8 In the event that your pet should die due to unforeseen circumstances or natural causes, Perfect Paws will not be held liable for any loss.

1.9 The client must advise Perfect Paws of any health conditions or changes in medical history.

1.10 Perfect Paws recommends all cat flaps, access to balconies, or gardens be securely locked while the pet(s) are in our care. Perfect Paws will not be held responsible for lost pets as a result cat flaps of balconies being left unlocked.

1.11 In the event of a pet having a contagious illness or disease which has not been disclosed, the client may be liable for the costs of treatment given to other animals which become infected. We will be required to wait for 14 clear days after recovery before visits can commence following a contagious disease.

1.12 The client must supply Perfect Paws with up-to-date vaccination records prior to commencement of service.

1.13 In the event of extreme weather such as overheated homes which may affect your pet(s) health, Perfect Paws shall take whatever action they consider necessary to ensure the safety of your pet(s) is maintained, such as increasing air conditioning.

2. Dangerous or Aggressive Pet(s)

2.1 Whilst Perfect Paws can work with pets with mild behavioural problems; Perfect Paws reserves the right to stop future bookings if its deemed to affect the safety of our staff or the public.

2.2 If a dog is too aggressive for a member of Perfect Paws to enter the property safely, Perfect Paws will advise the client, they must make immediate alternatives to ensure the welfare of the pet is kept.

2.3  If a dog while in the care of perfect paws harms a member of public or a member of staff, perfect paws will not be held liable and the client accepts full liability of any damages/harm caused.

3. About Your Property

3.1 Perfect Paws will clean up after your pets to the best of their ability. However please note that Perfect Paws will not be responsible for any additional house cleaning that is not directly related to the care of your pet(s).

3.2 The client shall show Perfect Paws the location of appropriate cleaning materials during the meet and greet.

3.3 Perfect Paws will not be held liable for any damage caused to your property or possessions resulting from the pet(s)

4. Our Charges

4.1 All charges are set out in the price list on www.perfectpawsdubai.com and within these Terms & Conditions.

4.2 Full payment for the assignment is due at time of invoicing to secure your booking.

4.3 Failure to make payments prior to 48 hours before start of service will result in cancellation of the booking.

4.4 Perfect Paws has a meet and greet charge of 50AED ex VAT.

4.5 If your Pet(s) is required to visit a veterinary clinic a fee of 50AED per hour will apply, for every hour the pet sitter is required to be at the veterinary clinic.

4.6 If Perfect Paws is required to make a payment on your behalf at a veterinary clinic, and administration fee of 100AED will be applied.

5. Overnight Sitting

5.1 Client must supply a clean room with clean sheets for the sitter to sleep.

5.2 Client must supply a clean bathroom with shower for the sitter to use.

5.3 Sitter must have full use of kitchen to prepare meals if required, sitter will ensure all items used are cleaned and replaced back to original stowage.

5.4 Property must be free from infestations to ensure
welfare and safety of sitter is maintained.

5. Any Unforeseen Purchases

5.1 The client shall provide sufficient food, clean litter or bedding, for their pet(s) for the duration of the service. In the event that items need to be purchased, the client shall reimburse Perfect Paws upon production of a receipt for the products. Perfect Paws shall charge a small admin fee as per current price list.

6. The Holding of Keys

6.1 The client shall provide a key/keycard needed for access the property.

6.2 Keys will be returned upon completion of this agreement providing all fees due have been paid.

6.3 Keys will never be handed to a 3rd party without the consent of the client.

6.4 Perfect Paws can hold and store a spare key for future bookings, all keys held by Perfect Paws are stored in a locked safe.

6. Photographs we take of your Pet(s)

7.1 Any Perfect Paws staff, has the right to take photos of pets in our care.

7.2 With prior approval from clients given at time of booking, and approval showing on the customer portal, photos can be published on the companies Facebook and Instagram. 7.3 Under no circumstances will Perfect Paws post any photos of a personal & identifying nature, however the pet’s name maybe revealed.

7.4 If a client wishes to be removed from the photo approvals, the client must inform Perfect Paws.

8. Cancellations

8.1a If a booking is cancelled 14 days or more before the service start date then a full refund will be issued minus meet and great cost of 50AED if carried out.

8.1b If a booking is cancelled within 14 days and up to 48 hours before the service start date, 50% of the total invoice fee will be charged.

8.1c If a booking is cancelled with less than 48 hours of the service start date, 100% of the total invoice fee will be charged.

8.2 In the event Perfect Paws arrives are your address and either can not gain entry or told we are not required for that day, the cost of that visit will still be charged in full.

8.3 In the event of force majeure a full refund will be given

8.4 Once a booking is confirmed by Perfect Paws, it will not be cancelled unless in the case of an absolute emergency. Should this happen, Perfect Paws make every reasonable effort to help the client find a replacement pet sitter.

8.5 Should Perfect Paws not be able to fulfil the assignment due to such an emergency, any fees already paid will be refunded in full.

9. Christmas Period Policy

9.1 Applies to all services scheduled between 20th December to 3rd January and including services that start or finish outside the dates 20th December to 3rd January.

9.2 A non-refundable 50% deposit within 7 days from time of booking, and balance due 30 days prior to service. 9.3 Bookings made within 30 days prior to service, 100% payment is required within 1 day of booking.

9.4  Cancellation of service up to 7 days of start of service, the 50% non-refundable deposit will be charged, Cancellation 7 days or less of start of service, 100% of the total invoice will be charged.

10. Third Parties

10.1 The Client shall advise Perfect Paws of anyone who will have access to your property during any periods os service, including but not limited to cleaning services, maintenance personnel, friends, family, and neighbours.

10.2 Perfect Paws will not be liable for other persons or their actions or omissions that will be in, or have access to your property before, during or after services.

10.3 Perfect Paws will not share any personal details with any 3rd party.

11. Governing Law

12.1 Perfect Paws is located in Dubai, UAE. You acknowledge and agree that your use of Perfect Paws, and all of the communication, transmission and transactions associated with the website and/or App and the provision of the service shall be deemed to have occurred within the UAE. You agree that these terms and conditions shall be exclusively governed by, constructed, and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Dubai and the federal laws of the UAE applicable therein. In the event of a dispute under these terms and conditions, such dispute shall be resolved in the courts of Dubai, UAE.