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Puppy Visits and Puppy Packages

Puppy Visits and Puppy Packages

Puppy Visits and puppy packages

Puppy visits

At Perfect Paws we understand the importance of tailored care for your new Puppy. Our specialized Puppy visits and puppy packages offers the ideal solution to keep your pup happy, active, and healthy.

Exercise is important for a puppy as it helps their development – both physical and mental, and gives them an outlet for all their puppy energy.

For all our puppies packages we highly advise all puppies are vacci-checked, this is to ensure they have enough antibodies to fight any diseases.

Our Puppy Services:

Two Daily visits: Your puppy will enjoy two refreshing and engaging visits every day, ensuring they get the exercise and stimulation they need.

Personalized Attention: Our experienced pet sitters prioritize individualized care, tailoring their approach to suit your puppy’s unique personality and needs, and offer advice for those who ask.

Feeding and Hydration: Scheduled feeding times and regular water replenishment are part of our comprehensive service.

Playtime and Socialization: Engaging play sessions to keep your puppy mentally and physically stimulated, promoting socialization skills.

Toilet Breaks/Cleaning puppy mess: We understand accidents happen—our team ensures regular and timely toilet breaks and help with pad training.

Puppy Information:

When it comes to puppy exercising, a good rule of thumb is that puppies should have no more than five minutes of exercise for each month of age, two times a day, and this should be decreased in larger breeds.

Walking can be tiring for a puppy and to walk at a constant pace is totally unnatural so it is something we need to build up to slowly over time. Just walking for this short time, puppy walking should be very relaxed with lots of time to stop, sniff, explore and investigate the environment around them. Puppies are growing their brains as much as their bodies and this early exploration of the world around them is vital to their development, keeping continuous structured puppy walking to no more than two minutes at any one time.

Play time in the home counts too 

Despite seeming to have endless energy, puppies are good at self-limiting their own exercise, and so making sure the puppy has plenty of opportunity to run around and play under their own steam is important. If you watch puppies at this age, you’ll see they run around madly for a few minutes and then flop down to rest or sleep.

This isn’t just about their growing bodies, puppies do not have the cardiovascular system for endurance either, so these shorts burst of energy are all they can manage as they are building stamina for the future.

Remember a new puppy is only a baby, and like any baby, their physical abilities are limited. This means that we can cause lasting damage by over-exercising a puppy or expecting too much in the early weeks and even months.

Until a dog reaches sexual maturity – which is different in each breed – their bones are still growing. The growth plates within the bones, which allow them to lengthen as the dog gets larger, stays soft for a surprisingly long time, which is why over-exercising a pup might make them vulnerable to injury. Injuries at this time may not heal properly and can cause lasting problems for the dog. In addition to the soft growth plates, the rest of the puppy’s bones are softer too and so can break easily.

It’s not just the bones that are developing either – these are held together with muscles, tendons and ligaments that are working hard to support the puppy’s growing bones and joints, and they can also be vulnerable to injury caused by over-exercising your puppy or from the wrong kind of exercise or play

Puppy Services
Up to 2 Puppies

  • Standard Visit
    (45 Mins)
    AED 85
  • Standard Visit
    (90 Mins)
    AED 155

Puppy Packages under 6 months of age
Up to 2 Puppies

  • Puppy Package AED 3,000

*Puppy Package Duration – 20 days (Mon – Fri) 

*2 visits per day

*45 Minutes per visit

*** For puppies under 6 months of ages, after 6 months we will transfer on to the standard dog walking package – click here for standard dog packages ***


  • Meet and Greet Registration (with confirmed booking) AED FREE
  • Meet and Greet Registration (without confirmed booking) AED 50
  • Key Collection or Key Drop off (if required) AED 50
  • Additional supply shopping AED 20*

*Supply shopping add-on price is applicable per order

Terms & Conditions

Perfect paws Pet Sitting Prices do not contain any hidden fees so you will not get a sudden surprise or shocking invoice. There is a small fee for meet and greet/key collection and drop off . Key drop off is not required if key remains with Perfect Paws for future visits, key can be left in safe place, or left with building security. For cancellation policy please click here for Full cancellation policy.

Perfect Paws Pet Sitting Prices will be periodically checked to try and remain competitive while ensuring the service and welfare will not be compromised.

In the event of cost increase all registered clients will be informed, and this page will be updated.

Booking made and confirmed by full payment before any amendments to prices will remain at the rate when the booking was confirmed.