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Perfect Paws is an equal opportunity employer.


All employees hold a UAE visa/work permits issued by our licencing authority and undergo constant training and certificates.

Owner, Founder and Perfect Pet Sitter

Ian, BCCSDip.DogBhv

“I’m really excited for you to Meet Us, Growing up being surrounded by animals in the UK, I was naturally drawn to the love, affection, and comfort our pets give us.

I grew up with many different types of animals as pets, including Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Guinea pigs, Rats, Hamsters, fish and even a degu (like a large gerbil from Chile).

This caused me to want to study how to care for our pets needs to give back what they give us.

So after school I went to a college called Moulton College, Northampton, UK and studied a National Diploma in Animal care After I completed this I went on to work with animals, within boarding facilities and an animal carer within pet shops.

In order to expand my knowledge, I have recently completed a Level three Diploma in Canine behaviour and Canine first aid through the British College of Canine Studies, and i have also completed a practical canine first aid in the UK.

As you can see I am extremely passionate about animal welfare and excited to be able to spoil your babies, and make sure they are extremely well looked after while you are away”

Qualifications and Certificates

National Diploma in Animal Care

Level 3 DIploma in Canine Behaviour

Canine First Aid Certificate

Canine First Aid Practical

Pet Sitting Certificate

Dog-Care Fundamentals for Pet-Care Professionals Certificate

Full TIme Perfect Pet Sitter


Hi, I am Raymonn.

From a very young age, I’ve always been fascinated with animals. I always have had pets growing up. I had experience of taking care and looking after different dog breeds from all sizes. I love how affectionate and loyal dogs are. They have the power to alleviate people’s sadness and stress. That’s why they are amazing creatures.

When I moved to the UAE, I was given a cat. It was something new for me. Unlike dogs, cats are very independent. They too have a soft side to them which I have grown to love. They have rekindled my fascination with animals. I now know that taking care of animals is a profession I can excel in.

I can’t wait to meet and take care of all your furbabies. Rest assured that they will be in good hands.

Qualifications and Certificates

Pet Sitting Certificate

Dog-Care Fundamentals for Pet-Care Professionals Certificate

Full Time Perfect Pet Sitter


” To begin with, I love our little four-legged friends…they’re the best!

I have been around animals, particularly cats, dogs and birds from an early age. I believe that the kind of joy they can bring to a person’s life is incomparable. I had the pleasure of having a German shepherd as part of my family for 14 years. I enjoy going on walks with dogs because that kind of exercise is better than Zumba! I absolutely adore cats and have had a lot of experience with them over the years as well. I know how to identify any issues or health concerns and have administered medications.

I cant wait to be looking after your fur-babies, you can rest assured that they will be under the best care.”

Qualifications and Certificates

Pet Sitting Certificate

Pet First Aid (Advanced) Certificate