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Our Cat Sitting Dubai Services

When you’re away from home, whether on a well-deserved vacation or a business trip, ensuring the well-being of your beloved furbaby is crucial. Perfect Paws cat home visits with our cat sitters take pride in delivering top-notch cat sitting services that prioritise your cat’s comfort and happiness in the familiar surroundings of their own home, making us a legitimate 5 star pet sitting company, with the best Cat Sitting Services in Dubai.

Our team of professional cat sitters offers personalised daily cat home visits to meet your furry friend’s needs, alleviating the stress that cats often experience when moved away from their familiar environment, our cat sitting Dubai service reduces that unnecessary stress .

Here’s what our cat sitting services include:

  • Time with your Cat : Cat sitting Dubai services are daily between 30 to 45 mins long.
  • Feeding and Hydration: We ensure your cat receives fresh water and food at the specified times.
  • Litter Tray Maintance: Our meticulous sitters clean litter trays daily to maintain a clean and hygienic environment.
  • Grooming: If your cat enjoys a daily brush or grooming session, we’re here to provide it, ensuring they stay comfortable and well-kept.
  • Affection and Playtime: Creating a stress-free environment is our priority. Our sitters offer ample affection, playtime, and cuddles to make your cat feel loved and content.
  • Customised Care: We tailor our services to match your cat’s preferences, ensuring they receive the attention and care they desire.

We recognise the challenges of being away from your furbaby, and that’s why we go the extra mile to keep you connected. Our cat sitting Dubai services include daily updates and photos, ensuring you stay informed about your cat’s well-being. Moreover, through your personal customer portal, we provide a detailed daily visit report, allowing you to monitor your cat’s activities and health status.

At Perfect Paws, our cat sitting services are meticulously crafted to deliver the utmost care and comfort to your cat in the familiar surroundings of their own home when you can’t be there, let your baby be looked after by the best cat sitting company in Dubai offering the best pet sitting prices.

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Single Cat Sitting (upto 3 Cats)

Cat Sitting Packages (up to 3 Cats)


  • Meet and Greet Registration (with confirmed booking) AED FREE
  • Meet and Greet Registration (without confirmed booking) AED 50
  • Key Collection or Key Drop off (if required) AED 50
  • Additional supply shopping AED 20*

*Supply shopping add-on price is applicable per order

Terms & Conditions

Perfect paws Pet Sitting Prices do not contain any hidden fees so you will not get a sudden surprise or shocking invoice. There is a small fee for meet and greet/key collection and drop off . Key drop off is not required if key remains with Perfect Paws for future visits, key can be left in safe place, or left with building security. For cancellation policy please click here for full cancellation policy.

Our Prices will be periodically checked to try and remain competitive while ensuring the service and welfare will not be compromised.

In the event of cost increase all registered clients will be informed, and this page will be updated.

Booking made and confirmed by full payment before any amendments to prices will remain at the rate when the booking was confirmed.