1. Your Property

1.1   Perfect Paws Sitter must be supplied with a comfortable room and bed to sleep in while staying at your property.

1.2  Room supplied must be clean with clean bedding.

1.3  Perfect Paws sitter must have access to a bathroom and shower.

1.4  Perfect Paws sitter must have access to the whole house to ensure regular safety checks can be carried out.

1.5  Perfect Paws sitter must have access to Kitchen and cooking facilities.

1.6  Perfect Paws sitter must have access to a parking area

1.7  Perfect Paws sitter must have access to WIFI

1.8  Perfect Paws sitter will ensure that they tidy up after themselves, however they are not responsible for house cleaning including laundering of bedding provided by the client.

1.9  Perfect Paws sitter will remove used bedding and place folded neatly on last day before leaving.

1.10 Perfect Paws sitter may be required to lower or increase air conditioning to a comfortable temperature.


2. Security

2.1  Perfect Paws sitter will ensure your property is secure by doing a room check before they go to bed and before they leave

2.2  In line with UAE laws, any home cameras must be switched off and unplugged while Perfect Paws sitter is staying in the property to ensure their privacy is maintained. Camera found still plugged in, Perfect Paws sitter has the right to unplug these cameras. Perfect Paws sitter can plug back in the cameras when they are leaving on request from the customer.

2.3  Customer must advise where to leave the key after final night, if a key drop off is required then a key drop off fee of 50 AED will be added to their account.


3. The Sitter

3.1  Overnight sitter will remain the same sitter throughout the duration of the stay (unless over wise agreed), however, the afternoon visit which may be booked could be a different sitter due to but not limiting to, sitters day off, scheduling requirements, sickness.

3.2  Perfect Paws will arrange a meet and greet with the overnight sitter to ensure they are fully aware of your pets requirements and all information relating to your property and their stay.


4. Medications

4.1  Perfect Paws sitters are all training to give medications including insulin. Please advise on booking if any medications are required.


5. Multi-Pet households

5.1  Overnight stays remain at the daily rate agreed at booking regardless of how many pets, however, for households with more then 2 dogs having the afternoon walk service, please contact us for exact price as this depends on how long the afternoon walk should be.


6. Aggressive Pets

6.1  If a dog is too aggressive for a member of Perfect Paws to enter the property safely, Perfect Paws will advise the client, they must make immediate alternatives to ensure the welfare of the pet is kept, in the event we are unable to enter the property no refund will be given.


7. Duration of service

7.1  Overnights will be a 12 hour block from 7pm to 7am

7.2  Afternoon visit (if requested) will be the based on our standard visit durations of 45 mins.


8. Any Unforeseen Purchases

8.1  The client shall provide sufficient food, clean litter or bedding, for their pet(s) for the duration of the service. In the event that items need to be purchased, the client shall reimburse Perfect Paws upon production of a receipt for the products. Perfect Paws shall charge a small admin fee as per current price list.


9. Liability

9.1  Perfect Paws sitter is not liable for any damages to your property, furniture and fittings, incurred by the clients pet(s) during the course of the service, unless caused by the pet sitters negligence.


10. Third Parties

10.1  For the safety of Perfect Paws sitter, they shall be no third person entering the property while the sitter is staying the night, this includes and not limited to, family members, friends, Air BnB guests.